We live in a world of uncertainty with everything changing at an accelerating pace. Life, society, economics, finance, weather patterns, international relations with ever more complex and intertwined risks. It is clear that security is no longer about guards, guns and gates. Security is involved in virtually every decision we make and every action we take regarding ourselves, others, or our institutions and communities.

We at ORMI help you to find your opportunities in order to be ahead of the curve

About us

Meet The Managing Director


Stella A. Attakpah is a security sector professional with MSc in Security and Risk Management (Leicester University, UK). With several years experience in formulating and evaluating security sector – transnational organized crime – terrorism and its financing – money laundering projects for UN, EU, and ECOWAS member states, in cooperation with US relevant Departments, DFID (UK), UNCTED and many others. Her intuitive abilities provide her with a set of innovative tools for helping individuals and institutions develop problem solving abilities through divergent thinking. Ms. Attakpah specialises in training, capacity building, project/programme formulation and evaluation with specific relevance to security sector reform, transnational organized crime, terrorism, terror financing, money laundering and good governance, in Africa. conference

What we do

We are a training and research institute that provides capacity building and training on best practice solutions related to managing opportunities and the risks of transnational organized crime, AML/CFT, resilience building for individuals and institutions. We explore traditional and quantum solutions in our areas of expertise. We believe the when we focus more on the opportunities around us, the objectives of the business shift towards a more harmonious set of endeavours to make a better institution or individuals.

We provide bilingual (French and English) events in operational risks, security risks, financial crimes risks, terrorist financing risks, corruption and money laundering risks. We conduct programmes and projects evaluations for EU, UN and other international and national institutions. We partner with world class experts to provide our clients in Africa with state-of-the-art services.

ORMI aims to help you (in Africa) to understand the complexities of globalisation, individual and public expectations, regulatory requirements, transnational crimes, multi-jurisdictional risks and pandemics in order to prepare you to be ahead of the curve.

We specialise in :

  • Security Risk Management Training;
  • AML/CFT Assessment Workshops; TOC Workshops;
  • TOC and other Security and Governance Sector Projects Evaluations;
  • Psychic Training for Investigation Units.

  • Commitment: We are committed to provide the best skills to our clients in order to bring about transformation in individual lives, businesses and institutions for their safety, security and wellbeing.

    Integrity: Transparency and consistency is our mantra. We honour the trust placed in us by our clients, always doing what is right and when it is right. We are non-political!

    Transformation: We are committed to providing services, skills and opportunities that equip individuals/organizations/institutions/businesses
    with cutting edge innovations and new futures.

    Mission Statement

    To promote security, safety and good governance within institutions by encouraging and building skill-sets which contribute
    to effectively guaranteeing development and prosperity for relevant individuals and institutions.

    Vision Statement

    Promoting a safer, prosperous and more peaceful world!



    Understanding The Principle of Success

    This 16 weeks course is essentially for ambitious individuals, senior managers and team leaders, in understanding the universal laws and principles that help guide one’s actions towards success in any type of operation/negotiation/transaction. This course will teach you that from where you are today, with the right attitude, you can tap into the possibilities that exist, to become a very successful individual/team leader/manager, etc... Learning to awaken the genius within you!

    Understanding The Principle of Cause and Effect For close to accurate predictions

    This course will help you understand that there are no causes without effects and no effects without causes. Whatever we do bring a set of results. Whatever results we have on the table came about as the result of certain actions taken. If we do not like the results, then we need to change the causes/actions at produced those results. Understanding and applying this principle will help you make predictions with close to perfect precision.

    Resiliency and Well-being training course for individuals, institutions and security and defense forces

    This 10-days course is about developing physical, mental, spiritual (non-religious) and psychological ll-being of the individual. Particularly useful for security forces in mastering the self and being able to handle/negotiate hostage situations etc.; being able to stay connected when held in captivity for long periods or lost in the desert. This course is also interesting for individuals and police officials in overcoming unhelpful habits

    Going beyond established norms and boundaries Developing your psychic ability

    This course is based on the fact that every human being is psychic. However most people are unaware that they are psychic or have the ability. When this ability is not used, it just simply gets buried under layers of conditioning. This course is an introduction to raising the awareness of the ability within you. An understanding and assimilation of this course will help to inform/alert you of imminent danger, critical conditions, split second decision making, etc. Very useful for special assignments and units (e.g. Psychic Units of special operations etc…) and for managers and decision-makers.


    • Operational Risk Management
    • Institutional Risk Management
    • Due Diligence
    • Risk Assessment
    • Assessing the Risks in Aviation
    • Managing Risks in the Oil And Gas Industry
    • Managing Risks in the Transport And Logistics Sector
    • Cargo Risk Management
    • Individual (Personal) Risk Management And Resilience Building
    • Understanding The Principles Of Cause And Effect -For close to accurate predications
    • Reputation Risk Management


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